Do you need home care?

Ask yourself the following questions, if you have answered YES to one or more questions you may be in need of home care.

1. Do you have difficulty walking? Do you have frequent falls or injured yourself severely due to a recent fall? Do you feel unsteady when you stand up?

2. Has your appetite decreased recently?

3. Are you having trouble keeping up with all of your medications or forget to take them at the appropriate times?

4. Do you have memory loss, forget to do things independently e.g. forget to keep up with your personal hygiene or grooming?

5. Do you have persistent fatigue or lack of energy?

6. Do you have pain that it is interfering with your everyday activities?

Spoiled, outdated food in the refrigerator and/or poor housekeeping and home maintenance can also be a visible warning sign. If you observe these in yourself or in someone you know, home health care is the right choice for you or your loved one.

When is home health care appropriate?

Home health care is appropriate when a person needs ongoing care that cannot easily or effectively be provided solely by family and friends but whose condition level does not require hospitalization. More recently the elder population has elected to remain independent and to live non-institutionalized lives. In order to have home health care services covered 100% by Medicare and many insurance companies, you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must have a physician order. A physician must certify that you are in need of home health care services. The physician is required to sign a medical treatment plan known as the plan of care (POC) or CMS Form 485.

2. You must be homebound. An individual who is too sick or too weak to independently make it to their physician’s appointment and needs the assistance of at least one person is usually considered homebound.

3. You must have a skilled need. This means that you need care for an acute condition that can only be provided by a nurse or a therapist. Examples of a skilled need can be the assessment and treatment of a complicated wound or a safety assessment and treatment for an individual who has had falls and injuries in the home.



Choose the home health care service of your choice.