Specialized Programs

Wound Care

We are proud to be one of the few agencies in the city to provide a comprehensive, standardized wound healing protocol which allows for nurse consistency in wound management. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, our team of nurses and therapists work under the guidance of the patient’s primary physician and together treat the wound. The underlying medical and surgical problems that prevent successful wound healing are also assessed. Proper diet, specialized wound care, and management of existing conditions has proven to help heal difficult and/or chronic wounds. Our dedicated wound nurses are frequently updated and trained on new wound healing strategies under the supervision of our Director of Nursing, who is Wound Care Certified and follows strict Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse (WCON) guidelines. Through digital imagery, a physician can assess the success level of the wound treatment plan. Constant communication between the wound care nurse and the patient’s physician is needed to ensure that all available treatment options are exhausted. We are dedicated to caring for patients with wounds and helping them to heal.

Wound care services are provided for these common wounds:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Leg ulcers-Arterial and Venous
  • Pressure Ulcers –Stages I-IV combined
  • Open surgical wounds
  • Skin tears
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

A nutritional assessment and intervention is required for patients with a Stage III wound or higher. Our nurses are also trained to provide wound vac therapy.

TeleHealth Monitoring

Telehealth is a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine where medical information is transferred through the phone line or the internet. This type of remote monitoring enables medical professionals to monitor a patient remotely using various technological devices.

Telehealth in the home means elderly patients can have their health monitored without have to be placed in an institution. The costs associated with assisted living can be costly, and older adults often experience a higher level of satisfaction when they can remain independent. Family members are also not required to provide continuous medical assistance.

Our telehealth services are appropriate for patients diagnosed with:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Obstructive Disease (COPD)
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension

Pre/Postoperative Rehabilitation

We pride ourselves in being the first home health agency with a primary focus on the rehabilitation of patients with hip and knee replacements. Healing Hands Home Care, Inc. is privileged to have a staff of highly-skilled Physical Therapists (PT) and Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) that follows a strict program for the pre/postoperative care of a total knee or hip replacement patient. Ideal rehabilitation requires that a patient actively and intensely perform specific exercises before and after surgery.

Along with pain management and some nursing interventions, intense daily physical therapy for the hip or knee after surgery is needed to begin the rehabilitation process. After surgery physical therapy will focus on maximizing the surgical knee’s or hip’s range of motion, the strength of the knee’s or hip’s ability to transfer, walk, and ambulate stairs. One-on-one attention by our expert Physical Therapists will assist a patient in performing specific exercises and establishing realistic recovery goals. Educational patient booklets are provided to help with any questions that a patient might have going into and after surgery.


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